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01. momentum(the hush sound) - you are the dark ocean bottom/and i am the fast sinking anchor/should i fall for you? l 02. liquid confidence(you me at six) - we are an example of why not to fall in love/it takes a turn, and then it hurts/more than you could dream of l 03. frame and focus(lights) - we’re just a mess of moments/that’s adding up to where we are/and you’re the frame and focus/that’s making sense of it so far l 04. lost(anouk) - i getlost in this world/i get lost in your eyes/ and when the lights go down/ that’s where I’ll be found l 05. the hunger(firelight) - and you want him, and you need him/but you act like he’s not there/yeah, you know that you’re hollow/and something’s missing here l 06. hurricane drunk(florence and the machine) - i’m going out/i’m gonna drink myself to death/and in the crowd i see you with someone else07. demons(imagine dragons) - your eyes, they shine so bright/i want to save their light/i can’t escape this now/unless you show me how l 08. love love love(of monsters and men) - and those bright blue eyes/can only meet mine across the room/filled with people that are less important than you l 09. howl(florence and the machine) - you are the moon that breaks the night for which I have to howl/my fingers claw your skin, try to tear my way in l 10.angel with a shotgun(the cab) - they say before you start a war/you better know what you’re fighting for/well baby, you are all that i adore l 11. bleeding out(imagine dragons) - i close my eyes/and i take it in/and I’m bleeding out/i’m bleeding out for you l 12. the only hope for me is you(my chemical romance) -if there’s a place that I could be/then I’d be another memory/can I be the only hope for you?/because you’re the only hope for me 13. i’ll follow you into the dark(death cab for cutie) - no blinding light or tunnels to gates of white/just our hands clasped so tight/waiting for the hint of a spark

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